We are Kensei

Here's a little about us

Kensei Media started out building things for people, and one of those things we built tuned into the Kensei Media Platform.

We built this platform out of necessity, we had to satisfy client’s needs and as those needs grew so did our opinion that we could build something for other people like us to use. We build sites and applications and you do too, so if we can lessen the pain of integrating some of the trickier aspects of the web - like video then hopefully we have achieved something.

As time goes on we will endeavor to make this platform work better, not bigger, so we have intentionally left out a lot of features that can be taken care of by other SaaS offerings or by yourselves, such as comments or social sharing.

We are still a small company who have bootstrapped ourselves and will continue to do so, we believe in shaping our own destinies, even if we take a bit longer to get there.

  • Leo Fowler

    Leo Fowler

    Head honcho

    Leo is a master database in human form and the creator of all things Kensei. He sits in the corner with a head full of things to do that spill out on to his desk.

    We're not entirely sure if he invented multi-tasking but think he must have had something to do with it.

  • Abraham Smith

    Abraham Smith

    Programmer extraordinaire

    Abe operates at the cutting edge of open source software to create big code from a small computer.

    He strings everything together under the hood and has been known to choose machine code over beer

    (on rare occasions).

  • Richard Bosomworth

    Richard Bosomworth

    Captain Cloud

    Richard lives in the engine room of Kensei and keeps the dark clouds away. He makes sure the virtual servers are happy and cheers them up when they are feeling under the weather.

    He enjoys cycling and can't imagine life without a beard.

  • Isfahan Ashraf

    Isfahan Ashraf

    Doctor DOOM design

    Isi evolved from the internet and has HTML for DNA and Rubicon in his veins. We haven't worked out how he creates such amazing designs but maybe a few choice words from the man himself might explain it...

    Here comes Isi
    He's always busy
    He has to drink tea cos coke's too fizzy.

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